Hot Air Ballooning

During your stay at The Wood Norton why not experience the only way to see how truly majestic the beauty of the Cotswolds really is.

A journey in a Hot Air Balloon

A journey in a Hot Air Balloon can be enjoyed by anyone, every balloon flight is a unique adventure and you and your loved ones will enjoy a collection of awe-inspiring moments and experiences to cherish.

The Wood Norton is proud to work alongside two of the best Hot Air Balloon Flight companies in the area:

Wickers World Balloon Flights
:We've provided an unrivalled service across the Midlands and North West for over 24 years, and we fly more passengers than any other operator in the whole region!

Cotswold Balloon Safaris: Up up and away!  Why stay on the ground when you can be floating along as free as a cloud.  Break loose from the bonds of the crowd.  Cotswold Balloon Safaris regularly schedule champagne flights from The Wood Norton so come and experience the wonderful Cotswolds' and join the family of Cotswold Balloon Safaris and fellow aeronaughts who have flown lighter than air.  Safari Njema - Travel Well.

Both flight companies will be delighted to provide you with further information please follow their links to the relevant websites.

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